David Samaniego & Clara Silveira

Semifinalists of the World Tango Competition in Buenos Aires 2019!

Born in Avellaneda in 1988, he grew up in the southern part of Buenos Aires, in Quilmes. A multidisciplinary artist, he began his relationship with the artistic world by studying Fine Arts at the Carlos Morel School.
He introduces himself to dance through Rock and Roll and finally in 2009 he migrates to tango, a discipline that allows him to develop his great passion for dance and music. In the same year he moves to Barcelona, where he works in several artistic disciplines.
Daughter of Brazilians, she was born in Barcelona in 1990 and returned to her parents' land the following year. She has her first contact with tango in family trips to Buenos Aires, where she falls in love with dance and music.
In 2016 she graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. At the same time she begins to deepen her tango and meets his partner David Samaniego. In 2017 she moved to Buenos Aires to dedicate herself to dancing full time.
Together from 2013, they begin to develop their work in Barcelona.
In 2014 they join the Compañía Tango Amado, where they dance under the direction of Veronica Palacios, Omar Quiroga and Jorge Pahl.
They take part in performances at the Teatro del Raval, the Sitges Festival and the Barcelona Tango Glam festival.
Two years later they moved to Italy where they began teaching at the Catania Tango Club school in Luna Palacios.
In 2017 they return to Buenos Aires. Since then they have performed in the main milongas of Buenos Aires and have worked with different masters such as Hugo Mastrolorenzo in the project 24M, Mario Morales in the show Calles de Tango and with the company Puerto Tango under the direction of Leonel di Cocco.