Tango Competition
Tango Pista - For Amateurs ONLY!

This competition is exclusively reserved for passionate tango amateurs participating in the Alicante Tango Meeting festival. 

Registration fees
20 € per couple
Salón Aitana, Hotel Daniya
Date and time
Sunday 13 June 2021 between 3.30 pm and 5 pm (before the farewell milonga)
First Prize
Pack "hotel + milongas 4 days for 2 people" for the 2021 edition of the Alicante Tango Meeting festival

Registration Form
(per couple)

*Rules & Conditions

The organization of "Alicante Tango Meeting" presents the Argentine Tango Competition for Amateurs, which will take place on Sunday, December 6, 2020 from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the Hall Aitana, Hotel Daniya, Alicante, Spain, according to the present rules and conditions.
The Argentine Tango Competition will be in the Tango Pista category and will be for amateurs only. Professionals are not allowed to participate.
With regard to the organization, programming and realization of the Argentine Tango Competition for Amateurs, the referent authority will be the organization of "Alicante Tango Meeting".
It will be in charge of ensuring compliance with all the provisions of the present rules.
The Organization will not be responsible for any delays or unforeseen circumstances that may arise, for any reason whatsoever, at the time of the presentation of the different competitors in the different events.
The Organization reserves the right to record all instances of the Argentine Tango Competition for Amateurs, by means of any type of medium known or to be known -including, without limitation, filming, recording, photography, digitalization, etc.- by itself or by third parties authorized for this purpose, in order to promote and disseminate it. The recordings thus obtained will be the exclusive property of "Alicante Tango Meeting".
The following persons are prohibited from participating in the competition: staff members of the organization of "Alicante Tango Meeting", members of the staff and artists who are part of the program of "Alicante Tango Meeting".
Registration for the Argentine Tango Competition for Amateurs must be made using the form above and costs 20 euros per couple.
Interested parties can register up to and including December 1, 2020.
The couples will compete during 2 tandas of 3 tangos each. The songs will be chosen by the Organization.
The Competition will take place in two stages:
a) Qualification and b) Final.
All accredited couples will participate and dance a tanda of 3 tangos each. They will be evaluated by the jury to obtain their score; the 5 couples with the best scores will go to the final.
The 5 couples selected during the qualification will participate and dance a tanda of 3 tangos each.
The Jury of the Argentine Tango Competition for Amateurs will be constituted by the invited maestros and other tango actors from Alicante.
All the decisions of the Jury will be final and irrevocable. The participants, by the simple fact of registering, accept this condition.
The scores awarded will result from the accumulation of points awarded by each jury on a scale of 1 to 10, according to the parameters described in the following section.
An average will be obtained by dividing the total by the number of jury members who voted.
In the event of a tie for first place, couples who have obtained the same score will dance the necessary themes until the jury votes for a winner, without the participants being able to refuse to perform.
Pista Tango is a social dance, where the most important thing is improvisation, abrazo and connection between the couple.
Circulation: as on the dance floor, the competitors will have to move constantly in a counter-clockwise direction, without going backwards.
The couple must respect their own space and that of the other competitors so as not to interfere with the harmony in the circulation.
All movements and figures must be performed in such a way that they do not harm the surrounding couples.
All the figures that are commonly used in "social" tango are allowed: barridas, sacadas al piso, enrosques, lapiz, ganchos, boleos, etc., but always in their own space and without invading or disturbing the space of the surrounding couples.
Aerial figures, figures typical of stage tango and movements typical of other dances are completely excluded.
The Jury will take into account: the personal interpretation of each couple, the musicality and elegance of the walk and the connection of the couple.
First prize goes to the winning couple.
The first prize will be : Pack "hotel + milongas 4 days for 2 people" (value: 380€) for the 2021 edition of the festival "Alicante Tango Meeting".
It will be awarded during the farewell milonga the same day.