Prices & Registration

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No more Packs "Milongas+hotel"!

  • Pass milongas (3 afternoons, 3 nights): 60€
  • Night Milonga Friday: 25€ (Concert of the orchestra "Cadenero Tango")

  • Night Milonga Saturday: 25€ (show by Angela & Mauro ROSSI)
  • Night Milonga Sunday: 18€
  • Afternoon Milongas Friday/Saturday: 8€
    (afternoon milonga on Sunday reserved to the "Pass milongas")


  • Tango classes with Angela & Mauro ROSSI: 1 class of 1 hour 15 minutes - 20€ per person
  • Class "Musicalization and culture of the milonga" with Daniel Pereyra: 1 class of 1h30 - 25€

Registration Form

If you just want to come to some milongas, there's no need registering, you can pay on site.