The DJ team was carefully selected for the dynamism of their musical selections: enjoy!

El Ma(e)stro

Sylvain Mastrogiovanni (alias "El Ma(e)stro") is a tango enthusiast: DJ, dancer and event organizer. As a DJ, he has worked in Perpignan and Nice (France), in the main milongas of Barcelona (Desbande, milonga del Angel, milonga Sagrada, milonga Pipa, La Pantera), in Alicante (La Mariposita, La Sala Mágica, La Peña del Tango), in Murcia (La Bonica), in Valencia (La Perla), as well as at the Sitges International Tango Festival 2017, the Benidorm Tango Festival 2018 & 2019, the Tenerife Tango Meeting 2018 & 2019, the Denia International Festival 2019 and the Antwerpen Tango Festival 2019. All the tangueros and tangueras who have had the opportunity to listen to his music selections will tell you the same thing: he has not given them a second's rest!
Particular sign: he plays exclusively tandas of 3 songs.

Daniel Pereyra

Daniel Pereyra started as a DJ in 2011, in the north of Buenos Aires, and in 2012, in the capital, where he has received several "best musicalizer" prices.

Since then, he has toured all over the world, particularly Europe, which he especially loves.
The list is too long to mention all his performances, be they festivals, meetings, marathons or local milongas, but here's a part:
Montevideo, Suárez, Salto, Buenos Aires, Florence, Preveza, Genoa, Bari, Brezg, Ostuni, Sczyzrk, Varna, Metz, Aix-les-Bains, Nice, Rome, Barcelona, Milan, Naples, Sorrente, Messina, Catania, Vibo, Valencia, Matera, Lecce, Turin, Trévisse, Venice, Castellanza, Lodi, Melzo, La Spezia, Inpruneta, Chiavari, Alexandrie, Bolzano, Paris, Nancy, Vichy, Evian, Toulon, Geneva, Bellinzona, Zaragoza, Madrid, Munich, Sarrebruck, Tripoli, Athens, Luxembourg, Bucharest, Sofia, London, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Bologna, Parmes, Lesignano de Bagni, Battipaglia Soverato, etc.
In addition to his large experience, Daniel has a gift: he "feels" the public.
This allows him to adapt his musical selections at the right time to create an almost ideal atmosphere.

Ana C.

Ana has been evolving in the tango world for the past ten years as a dancer, teacher, organizer and DJ (mainly in Barcelona).
In particular, she participated in the Tenerife Tango Meeting 2019.
She infuses her femininity and boundless love of tango into her tandas selections, and the result is undeniably a great success.

Marilu Fischer
(Buenos Aires)

Born in Buenos Aires (Argentina), she receives since childhood her training in different areas of dance and theater, in Mar de Plata and in Buenos Aires.
Her first teachers were Nito and Elba, then Juan Carlos Copes and Pepito Avellaneda.
Not long ago she started as a DJ, after taking her courses in Buenos Aires. She surprised the community by capturing immediately the taste of the tangueros, and making her public enjoy the milonga. She enjoys creating selections and tandas that make them dance while "....las tabas les den con qué...".
Being a great promoter of the Argentine culture, taking the TANGO to different corners of the world, she receives from his government the appointment of ARGENTINE TOURIST EMBASSADOR with Resolution number 00316/01-EMTUR. Mar de Plata.