18h00-19h30: Class "Musicalization and culture of the milonga" with Daniel Pereyra

  • The 3 pillars of tango (styles)
  • Main, secondary and contemporary orchestras
  • Moments of milonga, from the beginning to the end
  • Construction of tandas


    • 14h30-15h45: Class "Sacadas"
      Different combinations of sacadas for the leader and the follower.
    • 16h00-17h15: Class ''Waltz"
      Alterations of the "giros" to take advantage to the maximum of the musicality of the Waltzes.


  • 17h15-18h30: Class "Volcadas"
    Everything you need to know to perform these dynamics of "off-axis" in an easy and comfortable way, parallel and crossed relationship.

Private classes: ask the teachers on-site